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Salmos 82

1 The title of the two and eiytetithe salm. The song of the salm of Asaph.

2 God, who schal be lijk thee? God, be thou not stille, nether be thou peesid.

3 For lo! thin enemyes sowneden; and thei that haten thee reisiden the heed.

4 Thei maden a wickid counsel on thi puple; and thei thouyten ayens thi seyntis.

5 Thei seiden, Come ye, and leese we hem fro the folk; and the name of Israel be no more hadde in mynde.

6 For thei thouyten with oon acord;

7 the tabernaclis of Ydumeys, and men of Ismael disposiden a testament togidere ayens thee. Moab, and Agarenus, Jebal, and Amon, and Amalech;

8 alienys with hem that dwellen in Tyre.

9 For Assur cometh with hem; thei ben maad in to help to the sones of Loth.

10 Make thou to hem as to Madian, and Sisara; as to Jabyn in the stronde of Sison.

11 Thei perischiden in Endor; thei weren maad as a toord of erthe.

12 Putte thou the prynces of hem as Oreb and Zeb; and Zebee and Salmana. Alle the princis of hem, that seiden;

13 Holde we bi eritage the seyntuarie of God.

14 My God, putte thou hem as a whele; and as stobil bifor the face of the wynde.

15 As fier that brenneth a wode; and as flawme brynnynge hillis.

16 So thou schalt pursue hem in thi tempeste; and thou schalt disturble hem in thin ire.

17 Lord, fille thou the faces of hem with schenschipe; and thei schulen seke thi name.

18 Be thei aschamed, and be thei disturblid in to world of world; and be thei schent and perische thei.

19 And knowe thei, that the Lord is name to thee; thou aloone art the hiyeste in ech lond.

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