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Salmos 6

1 The title of the sixte salm. To the ouercomere in salmes, the salm of Dauid, `on the eiythe.

2 Lord, repreue thou not me in thi stronge veniaunce; nether chastice thou me in thin ire.

3 Lord, haue thou merci on me, for Y am sijk; Lord, make thou me hool, for alle my boonys ben troblid.

4 And my soule is troblid greetli; but thou, Lord, hou long?

5 Lord, be thou conuertid, and delyuere my soule; make thou me saaf, for thi merci.

6 For noon is in deeth, which is myndful of thee; but in helle who schal knouleche to thee?

7 I traueilide in my weilyng, Y schal waische my bed bi ech nyyt; Y schal moiste, `ether make weet, my bedstre with my teeris.

8 Myn iye is disturblid of woodnesse; Y waxe eld among alle myn enemyes.

9 Alle ye that worchen wickidnesse, departe fro me; for the Lord hath herd the vois of my wepyng.

10 The Lord hath herd my bisechyng; the Lord hath resseyued my preier.

11 Alle my enemyes be aschamed, and be disturblid greetli; be thei turned togidere, and be thei aschamed ful swiftli.

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