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Salmos 113

1 The titil of the hundrid and thrittenthe salm. Alleluya. In the goyng out of Israel fro Egipt; of the hous of Jacob fro the hethene puple.

2 Judee was maad the halewyng of hym; Israel the power of hym.

3 The see siy, and fledde; Jordan was turned abac.

4 Munteyns ful out ioyeden as rammes; and litle hillis as the lambren of scheep.

5 Thou see, what was to thee, for thou fleddist; and thou, Jordan, for thou were turned abak?

6 Munteyns, ye maden ful out ioye as rammes; and litle hillis, as the lambren of scheep.

7 The erthe was moued fro the face of `the Lord; fro the face of God of Jacob.

8 Which turnede a stoon in to pondis of watris; and an hard rooch in to wellis of watris.

9 Lord, not to vs, not to vs; but yyue thou glorie to thi name.

10 On thi merci and thi treuthe; lest ony tyme hethene men seien, Where is the God of hem?

11 Forsothe oure God in heuene; dide alle thingis, whiche euere he wolde.

12 The symulacris of hethene men ben siluer and gold; the werkis of mennus hondis.

13 Tho han mouth, and schulen not speke; tho han iyen, and schulen not se.

14 Tho han eeris, and schulen not here; tho han nose thurls, and schulen not smelle.

15 Tho han hondis, and schulen not grope; tho han feet, and schulen not go; tho schulen not crye in her throte.

16 Thei that maken tho ben maad lijk tho; and alle that triste in tho.

17 The hous of Israel hopide in the Lord; he is the helpere `of hem, and the defendere of hem.

18 The hous of Aaron hopide in the Lord; he is the helpere of hem, and the defendere of hem.

19 Thei that dreden the Lord, hopiden in the Lord; he is the helpere of hem, and the defendere of hem.

20 The Lord was myndeful of vs; and blesside vs. He blesside the hous of Israel; he blesside the hous of Aaron.

21 He blesside alle men that dreden the Lord; `he blesside litle `men with the grettere.

22 The Lord encreesse on you; on you and on youre sones.

23 Blessid be ye of the Lord; that made heuene and erthe.

24 Heuene of `heuene is to the Lord; but he yaf erthe to the sones of men.

25 Lord, not deed men schulen herie thee; nether alle men that goen doun in to helle.

26 But we that lyuen, blessen the Lord; fro this tyme now and til in to the world.

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