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Salmos 104

1 The title of the hundrid and fourthe salm. Alleluya. Knouleche ye to the Lord, and inwardli clepe ye his name; telle ye hise werkis among hethen men.

2 Synge ye to hym, and seie ye salm to him, and telle ye alle hise merueylis;

3 be ye preisid in his hooli name. The herte of men sekynge the Lord be glad;

4 seke ye the Lord, and be ye confermed; seke ye euere his face.

5 Haue ye mynde on hise merueilis, whiche he dide; on his grete wondris, and domes of his mouth.

6 The seed of Abraham, his seruaunt; the sones of Jacob, his chosun man.

7 He is oure Lord God; hise domes ben in al the erthe.

8 He was myndeful of his testament in to the world; of the word which he comaundide in to a thousynde generaciouns.

9 Which he disposide to Abraham; and of his ooth to Isaac.

10 And he ordeynede it to Jacob in to a comaundement; and to Israel in to euerlastinge testament.

11 And he seide, I shal yiue to thee the lond of Canaan; the cord of youre eritage.

12 Whanne thei weren in a litil noumbre; and the comelingis of hem weren ful fewe.

13 And thei passiden fro folk in to folk; and fro a rewme in to another puple.

14 He lefte not a man to anoye hem; and he chastiside kyngis for hem.

15 Nile ye touche my cristis; and nyle ye do wickidli among my prophetis.

16 And God clepide hungir on erthe; and he wastide al the stidefastnesse of breed.

17 He sente a man bifore hem; Joseph was seeld in to a seruaunt.

18 Thei maden lowe hise feet in stockis, irun passide by his soule; til the word of him cam.

19 The speche of the Lord enflawmede him;

20 the king sente and vnbond hym; the prince of puplis sente and delyuerede him.

21 He ordeynede him the lord of his hous; and the prince of al his possessioun.

22 That he schulde lerne hise princis as him silf; and that he schulde teche hise elde men prudence.

23 And Israel entride in to Egipt; and Jacob was a comeling in the lond of Cham.

24 And God encreesside his puple greetli; and made hym stidefast on hise enemyes.

25 He turnede the herte of hem, that thei hatiden his puple; and diden gile ayens hise seruauntis.

26 He sent Moises, his seruaunt; thilke Aaron, whom he chees.

27 He puttide in hem the wordis of hise myraclis; and of hise grete wondris in the lond of Cham.

28 He sente derknessis, and made derk; and he made not bitter hise wordis.

29 He turnede the watris of hem in to blood; and he killide the fischis of hem.

30 And the lond of hem yaf paddoks; in the priue places of the kyngis of hem.

31 God seide, and a fleische flie cam; and gnattis in alle the coostis of hem.

32 He settide her reynes hail; fier brennynge in the lond of hem.

33 And he smoot the vynes of hem, and the fige trees of hem; and al to-brak the tree of the coostis of hem.

34 He seide, and a locuste cam; and a bruk of which was noon noumbre.

35 And it eet al the hey in the lond of hem; and it eet al the fruyt of the lond of hem.

36 And he killide ech the firste gendrid thing in the lond of hem; the firste fruitis of alle the trauel of hem.

37 And he ledde out hem with siluer and gold; and noon was sijk in the lynagis of hem.

38 Egipt was glad in the goyng forth of hem; for the drede of hem lai on Egipcians.

39 He spredde abrood a cloude, in to the hiling of hem; and fier, that it schynede to hem bi nyyt.

40 Thei axiden, and a curlew cam; and he fillide hem with the breed of heuene.

41 He brak a stoon, and watris flowiden; floodis yeden forth in the drye place.

42 For he was myndeful of his hooli word; which he hadde to Abraham, his child.

43 And he ledde out his puple in ful out ioiyng; and hise chosun men in gladnesse.

44 And he yaf to hem the cuntreis of hethen men; and thei hadden in possessioun the trauels of puplis.

45 That thei kepe hise iustifiyngis; and seke his lawe.

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