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Salmos 123

1 The `title of the hundrid and thre and twentithe `salm. The song of grecis `of Dauith. Israel seie now, No but for the Lord was in vs;

2 no but for `the Lord was in vs. Whanne men risiden vp ayens vs;

3 in hap thei hadden swalewid vs quike. Whanne the woodnesse of hem was wrooth ayens vs;

4 in hap watir hadde sope vs vp.

5 Oure soule passide thoruy a stronde; in hap oure soule hadde passide thoruy a watir vnsuffrable.

6 Blessid be the Lord; that `yaf not vs in taking to the teeth of hem.

7 Oure soule, as a sparowe, is delyuered; fro the snare of hunters. The snare is al to-brokun; and we ben delyuered.

8 Oure helpe is in the name of the Lord; that made heuene and erthe.

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