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Salmos 69

1 The titil of the nyne and sixtithe salm. To the victorie `of Dauid, `to haue mynde.

2 God, biholde thou in to myn heelp; Lord, hast thou to helpe me.

3 Be thei schent, and aschamed; that seken my lijf. Be thei turned a bak; and schame thei, that wolen yuels to me.

4 Be thei turned awei anoon, and schame thei; that seien to me, Wel! wel!

5 Alle men that seken thee, make fulli ioie, and be glad in thee; and thei that louen thin heelthe, seie euere, The Lord be magnyfied.

6 Forsothe Y am a nedi man, and pore; God, helpe thou me. Thou art myn helper and my delyuerere; Lord, tarye thou not.

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