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Salmos 3

1 The title of the thridde salm. `The salm of Dauid, whanne he fledde fro the face of Absolon, his sone.

2 Lord, whi ben thei multiplied that disturblen me?

3 many men rysen ayens me. Many men seien of my soule, Noon helthe is to hym in his God.

4 But thou, Lord, art myn vptakere; my glorye, and enhaunsyng myn heed.

5 With my vois Y criede to the Lord; and he herde me fro his hooli hil.

6 I slepte, and `was quenchid, and Y roos vp; for the Lord resseyuede me.

7 I schal not drede thousyndis of puple cumpassynge me; Lord, rise thou vp; my God, make thou me saaf.

8 For thou hast smyte alle men beynge aduersaries to me with out cause; thou hast al to-broke the teeth of synneris.

9 Helthe is of the Lord; and thi blessyng, Lord, is on thi puple.

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