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Salmos 147

1 It is wel plesaunt to the Lord on men that dreden hym; and in hem that hopen on his mercy.

2 Jerusalem, herie thou the Lord; Syon, herie thou thi God.

3 For he hath coumfortid the lockis of thi yatis; he hath blessid thi sones in thee.

4 Which hath set thi coostis pees; and fillith thee with the fatnesse of wheete.

5 Which sendith out his speche to the erthe; his word renneth swiftli.

6 Which yyueth snow as wolle; spredith abrood a cloude as aische.

7 He sendith his cristal as mussels; who schal suffre bifore the face of his cooldnesse?

8 He schal sende out his word, and schal melte tho; his spirit schal blowe, and watris schulen flowe.

9 Which tellith his word to Jacob; and hise riytfulnessis and domes to Israel.

10 He dide not so to ech nacioun; and he schewide not hise domes to hem.

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