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Salmos 62

1 The titil of the two and sixtithe salm. `The salm of Dauid, `whanne he was in the desert of Judee.

2 God, my God, Y wake to thee ful eerli. Mi soule thirstide to thee; my fleisch thirstide to thee ful many foold.

3 In a lond forsakun with out wei, and with out water, so Y apperide to thee in hooli; that Y schulde se thi vertu, and thi glorie.

4 For thi merci is betere than lyues; my lippis schulen herie thee.

5 So Y schal blesse thee in my lijf; and in thi name Y schal reise myn hondis.

6 Mi soule be fillid as with inner fatnesse and vttermere fatnesse; and my mouth schal herie with lippis of ful out ioiyng.

7 So Y hadde mynde on thee on my bed, in morewtidis Y shal thenke of thee;

8 for thou were myn helpere. And in the keueryng of thi wyngis Y schal make `ful out ioye, my soule cleuede after thee;

9 thi riythond took me vp.

10 Forsothe thei souyten in veyn my lijf, thei schulen entre in to the lower thingis of erthe;

11 thei schulen be bitakun in to the hondis of swerd, thei schulen be maad the partis of foxis.

12 But the king schal be glad in God; and alle men schulen be preysid that sweren in hym, for the mouth of hem, that speken wickid thingis, is stoppid.

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