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Salmos 110

1 The `title of the hundrid and tenthe salm. Alleluya. Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee in al myn herte; in the counsel and congregacioun of iust men.

2 The werkis of the Lord ben greete; souyt out in to alle hise willis.

3 His werk is knoulechyng and grete doyng; and his riytfulnesse dwellith in to the world of world.

4 The Lord merciful in wille, and a merciful doere, hath maad a mynde of hise merueilis;

5 he hath youe meete to men dredynge hym. He schal be myndeful of his testament in to the world;

6 he schal telle to his puple the vertu of hise werkis.

7 That he yyue to hem the eritage of folkis; the werkis of hise hondis ben treuthe and doom.

8 Alle hise comaundementis ben feithful, confermed in to the world of world; maad in treuthe and equite.

9 The Lord sente redempcioun to hys puple; he comaundide his testament with outen ende. His name is hooli and dreedful;

10 the bigynnyng of wisdom is the drede of the Lord. Good vndirstondyng is to alle that doen it; his preising dwellith in to the world of world.

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