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Salmos 146

1 The `title of the hundrid and sixe and fourtithe salm. Alleluya. Herie ye the Lord, for the salm is good; heriyng be myrie, and fair to oure God.

2 The Lord schal bilde Jerusalem; and schal gadere togidere the scateryngis of Israel.

3 Which Lord makith hool men contrit in herte; and byndith togidere the sorewes of hem.

4 Which noumbrith the multitude of sterris; and clepith names to alle tho.

5 Oure Lord is greet, and his vertu is greet; and of his wisdom is no noumbre.

6 The Lord takith vp mylde men; forsothe he makith low synneris `til to the erthe.

7 Bifore synge ye to the Lord in knoulechyng; seye ye salm to oure God in an harpe.

8 Which hilith heuene with cloudis; and makith redi reyn to the erthe. Which bryngith forth hei in hillis; and eerbe to the seruice of men.

9 Which yyueth mete to her werk beestis; and to the briddys of crowis clepinge hym.

10 He schal not haue wille in the strengthe of an hors; nether it schal be wel plesaunt to hym in the leggis of a man.

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