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Salmos 65

1 The titil of the fyue and sixtithe salm. To the victorie, the song of salm.

2 Al the erthe, make ye ioie hertli to God, seie ye salm to his name; yyue ye glorie to his heriyng.

3 Seie ye to God, Lord, thi werkis ben dredeful; in the multitude of thi vertu thin enemyes schulen lie to thee.

4 God, al the erthe worschipe thee, and synge to thee; seie it salm to thi name.

5 Come ye and se ye the werkis of God; ferdful in counseils on the sones of men.

6 Which turnede the see in to drie lond; in the flood thei schulen passe with foot, there we schulen be glad in hym.

7 Which is Lord in his vertu withouten ende, hise iyen biholden on folkis; thei that maken scharp be not enhaunsid in hem silf.

8 Ye hethen men, blesse oure God; and make ye herd the vois of his preising.

9 That hath set my soule to lijf, and yaf not my feet in to stiryng.

10 For thou, God, hast preued vs; thou hast examyned vs bi fier, as siluer is examyned.

11 Thou leddist vs in to a snare, thou puttidist tribulaciouns in oure bak;

12 thou settidist men on oure heedis. We passiden bi fier and water; and thou leddist vs out in to refreschyng.

13 I schal entre in to thin hous in brent sacrifices; Y schal yelde to thee my vowis,

14 which my lippis spaken distinctly. And my mouth spake in my tribulacioun;

15 Y shal offre to thee brent sacrificis ful of merowy, with the brennyng of rammes; Y schal offre to thee oxis with buckis of geet.

16 Alle ye that dreden God, come and here, and Y schal telle; hou grete thingis he hath do to my soule.

17 I criede to hym with my mouth; and Y ioyede fulli vndir my tunge.

18 If Y bihelde wickidnesse in myn herte; the Lord schal not here.

19 Therfor God herde; and perseyuede the vois of my bisechyng.

20 Blessid be God; that remeued not my preyer, and `took not awei his merci fro me.

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