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Salmos 87

1 The title of the seuene and eiytetithe salm. The song of salm, to the sones of Chore, to victorie on Mahalat, for to answere, the lernyng of Heman Ezraite.

2 Lord God of myn helthe; Y criede in dai and nyyt bifore thee.

3 Mi preier entre bifore thi siyt; bowe doun thin eere to my preier.

4 For my soule is fillid with yuels; and my lijf neiyede to helle.

5 I am gessid with hem that goon doun in to the lake; Y am maad as a man with outen help,

6 and fre among deed men. As men woundid slepinge in sepulcris, of whiche men noon is myndeful aftir; and thei ben put awei fro thin hond.

7 Thei han put me in the lower lake; in derke places, and in the schadewe of deth.

8 Thi strong veniaunce is confermed on me; and thou hast brouyt in alle thi wawis on me.

9 Thou hast maad fer fro me my knowun; thei han set me abhomynacioun to hem silf. I am takun, and Y yede not out;

10 myn iyen weren sijk for pouert. Lord, Y criede to thee; al dai Y spredde abrood myn hondis to thee.

11 Whethir thou schalt do merueils to deed men; ether leechis schulen reise, and thei schulen knouleche to thee?

12 Whether ony man in sepulcre schal telle thi merci; and thi treuthe in perdicioun?

13 Whether thi merueilis schulen be knowun in derknessis; and thi riytfulnesse in the lond of foryetyng?

14 And, Lord, Y criede to thee; and erli my preier schal bifor come to thee.

15 Lord, whi puttist thou awei my preier; turnest awei thi face fro me?

16 I am pore, and in traueils fro my yongthe; sotheli Y am enhaunsid, and Y am maad low, and disturblid.

17 Thi wraththis passiden on me; and thi dredis disturbliden me.

18 Thei cumpassiden me as watir al dai; thei cumpassiden me togidere.

19 Thou madist fer fro me a frend and neiybore; and my knowun fro wretchidnesse.

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