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Salmos 26

1 The title of the sixe and twentithe salm. To Dauid. The Lord is my liytnyng, and myn helthe; whom schal Y drede? The Lord is defendere of my lijf; for whom schal Y tremble?

2 The while noiful men neiyen on me; for to ete my fleischis. Myn enemyes, that trobliden me; thei weren maad sijk and felden doun.

3 Thouy castels stonden togidere ayens me; myn herte schal not drede. Thouy batel risith ayens me; in this thing Y schal haue hope.

4 I axide of the Lord o thing; Y schal seke this thing; that Y dwelle in the hows of the Lord alle the daies of my lijf. That Y se the wille of the Lord; and that Y visite his temple.

5 For he hidde me in his tabernacle in the dai of yuelis; he defendide me in the hid place of his tabernacle.

6 He enhaunside me in a stoon; and now he enhaunside myn heed ouer myn enemyes. I cumpasside, and offride in his tabernacle a sacrifice of criyng; Y schal synge, and Y schal seie salm to the Lord.

7 Lord, here thou my vois, bi which Y criede to thee; haue thou merci on me, and here me.

8 Myn herte seide to thee, My face souyte thee; Lord, Y schal seke eft thi face.

9 Turne thou not awei thi face fro me; bouwe thou not awei in ire fro thi seruaunt. Lord, be thou myn helpere, forsake thou not me; and, God, myn helthe, dispise thou not me.

10 For my fadir and my modir han forsake me; but the Lord hath take me.

11 Lord, sette thou a lawe to me in thi weie; and dresse thou me in thi path for myn enemyes.

12 Bitake thou not me in to the soules of hem, that troblen me; for wickid witnessis han rise ayens me, and wickydnesse liede to it silf.

13 I bileue to see the goodis of the Lord; in the lond of `hem that lyuen.

14 Abide thou the Lord, do thou manli; and thin herte be coumfortid, and suffre thou the Lord.

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