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Salmos 51

1 The title of the oon and fiftithe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid,

2 `whanne Doech Idumei cam, and telde to Saul, and seide to him, Dauid cam in to the hows of Abymelech.

3 What hast thou glorie in malice; which art miyti in wickidnesse?

4 Al dai thi tunge thouyte vnriytfulnesse; as a scharp rasour thou hast do gile.

5 Thou louedist malice more than benygnite; `thou louedist wickidnesse more than to speke equite.

6 Thou louedist alle wordis of casting doun; with a gileful tunge.

7 Therfor God schal distrie thee in to the ende, he schal drawe thee out bi the roote, and he schal make thee to passe awei fro thi tabernacle; and thi roote fro the lond of lyuynge men.

8 Iust men schulen se, and schulen drede; and thei schulen leiye on hym, and thei schulen seie, Lo!

9 the man that settide not God his helpere. But he hopide in the multitude of his richessis; and hadde maistrie in his vanite.

10 Forsothe Y, as a fruytful olyue tre in the hous of God; hopide in the merci of God with outen ende, and in to the world of world.

11 Y schal knowleche to thee in to the world, for thou hast do mercy to me; and Y schal abide thi name, for it is good in the siyt of thi seyntis.

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