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Salmos 12

1 The title of the twelfthe salm. To the victorie of Dauid. Lord, hou long foryetist thou me in to the ende? hou long turnest thou awei thi face fro me?

2 Hou long schal Y sette counsels in my soule; sorewe in my herte bi dai?

3 Hou long schal myn enemy be reisid on me?

4 My Lord God, biholde thou, and here thou me. Liytne thou myn iyen, lest ony tyme Y slepe in deth;

5 lest ony tyme myn enemye seie, Y hadde the maistri ayens hym. Thei, that troblen me, schulen haue ioie, if Y schal be stirid; forsothe Y hopide in thi merci.

6 Myn herte schal fulli haue ioie in thin helthe; Y schal synge to the Lord, that yyueth goodis to me, and Y schal seie salm to the name of the hiyeste Lord.

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