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Bíblia BBE

Salmos 12

1 For the chief music-maker on the Sheminith. A Psalm. Of David.

2 12:1Send help, Lord, for mercy has come to an end; there is no more faith among the children of men.

3 12:2Everyone says false words to his neighbour: their tongues are smooth in their talk, and their hearts are full of deceit.

4 12:3The smooth lips and the tongue of pride will be cut off by the Lord.

5 12:4They have said, With our tongues will we overcome; our lips are ours: who is lord over us?

6 12:5Because of the crushing of the poor and the weeping of those in need, now will I come to his help, says the Lord; I will give him the salvation which he is desiring.

7 12:6The words of the Lord are true words: like silver tested by fire and burned clean seven times.

8 12:7You will keep them, O Lord, you will keep them safe from this generation for ever.

9 12:8The sinners are walking on every side, and evil is honoured among the children of men.

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