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Bíblia BBE

Salmos 64

1 To the chief music-maker. A Psalm. Of David.

2 64:1O God, let the voice of my grief come to your ear: keep my life from the fear of those who are against me.

3 64:2Keep me safe from the secret purpose of wrongdoers; from the band of the workers of evil;

4 64:3Who make their tongues sharp like a sword, and whose arrows are pointed, even bitter words;

5 64:4So that in secret they may let loose their arrows at the upright, suddenly and unseen.

6 64:5They make themselves strong in an evil purpose; they make holes for secret nets; they say, Who will see it,

7 64:6Or make discovery of our secret purpose? The design is framed with care; and the inner thought of a man, and his heart, is deep.

8 64:7But God sends out an arrow against them; suddenly they are wounded.

9 64:8The evil of their tongues is the cause of their fall; all those who see them are shaking their heads at them.

10 64:9And in fear men make public the works of God; and giving thought to his acts they get wisdom.

11 64:10The upright will be glad in the Lord and have hope in him; and all the lovers of righteousness will give him glory.

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