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Bíblia BBE

Salmos 21

1 To the chief music-maker. A Psalm. Of David.

2 21:1The king will be glad in your strength, O Lord; how great will be his delight in your salvation!

3 21:2You have given him his heart's desire, and have not kept back the request of his lips. (Selah.)

4 21:3For you go before him with the blessings of good things: you put a crown of fair gold on his head.

5 21:4He made request to you for life, and you gave it to him, long life for ever and ever.

6 21:5His glory is great in your salvation: honour and authority have you put on him.

7 21:6For you have made him a blessing for ever: you have given him joy in the light of your face.

8 21:7For the king has faith in the Lord, and through the mercy of the Most High he will not be moved.

9 21:8Your hand will make a search for all your haters; your right hand will be hard on all those who are against you.

10 21:9You will make them like a flaming oven before you; the Lord in his wrath will put an end to them, and they will be burned up in the fire.

11 21:10Their fruit will be cut off from the earth, and their seed from among the children of men.

12 21:11For their thoughts were bitter against you: they had an evil design in their minds, which they were not able to put into effect.

13 21:12Their backs will be turned when you make ready the cords of your bow against their faces.

14 21:13Be lifted up, O Lord, in your strength; so will we make songs in praise of your power.

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