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Salmos 97

1 The seuen and nyntithe salm hath no title. Singe ye a newe song to the Lord; for he hath do merueils. His riyt hond and his hooli arm; hath maad heelthe to hym.

2 The Lord hath maad knowun his heelthe; in the siyt of hethene men he hath schewid his riytfulnesse.

3 He bithouyte on his merci; and on his treuthe, to the hous of Israel. Alle the endis of erthe; sien the heelthe of oure God.

4 Al erthe, make ye hertli ioye to God; synge ye, and make ye ful out ioye, and seie ye salm.

5 Singe ye to the Lord in an harpe, in harpe and vois of salm;

6 in trumpis betun out with hamer, and in vois of a trumpe of horn. Hertli synge ye in the siyt of the Lord, the king; the see and the fulnesse therof be moued;

7 the world, and thei that dwellen therynne.

8 Flodis schulen make ioie with hond, togidere hillis schulen make ful out ioye, for siyt of the Lord;

9 for he cometh to deme the erthe. He schal deme the world in riytfulnesse; and puplis in equite.

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