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Salmos 107

1 The `title of the hundrid and seuenthe salm. The song of `the salm of Dauid.

2 Min herte is redi, God, myn herte is redi; Y schal singe, and Y schal seie salm in my glorie.

3 My glorie, ryse thou vp, sautrie and harp, rise thou vp; Y schal rise vp eerli.

4 Lord, Y schal knouleche to thee among puplis; and Y schal seie salm to thee among naciouns.

5 For whi, God, thi merci is greet on heuenes; and thi treuthe is til to the cloudis.

6 God, be thou enhaunsid aboue heuenes; and thi glorie ouer al erthe.

7 That thi derlingis be delyuerid, make thou saaf with thi riythond, and here me; God spak in his hooli.

8 I schal make ful out ioye, and Y schal departe Siccimam; and Y schal mete the grete valei of tabernaclis.

9 Galaad is myn, and Manasses is myn; and Effraym is the vptaking of myn heed. Juda is my king; Moab is the caudron of myn hope.

10 In to Ydume Y schal stretche forth my scho; aliens ben maad frendis to me.

11 Who schal lede me forth in to a stronge citee; who schal lede me forth til in to Idume?

12 Whether not thou, God, that hast put vs awei; and, God, schalt thou not go out in oure vertues?

13 Yyue thou help to vs of tribulacioun; for the heelthe of man is veyn.

14 We schulen make vertu in God; and he schal bringe oure enemyes to nouyt.

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