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Salmos 140

1 The `title of the hundrid and fourtithe salm. `The salm `of Dauith. Lord, Y criede to thee, here thou me; yyue thou tent to my vois, whanne Y schal crye to thee.

2 Mi preier be dressid as encense in thi siyt; the reisyng of myn hondis be as the euentid sacrifice.

3 Lord, sette thou a keping to my mouth; and a dore of stonding aboute to my lippis.

4 Bowe thou not myn herte in to wordis of malice; to excuse excusingis in synne. With men worchinge wickidnesse; and Y schal not comyne with the chosun men of hem.

5 A iust man schal repreue me in mersi, and schal blame me; but the oile of a synner make not fat myn heed. For whi and yit my preier is in the wel plesaunt thingis of hem;

6 for the domesmen of hem ioyned to the stoon weren sopun vp. Here thei my wordis,

7 for tho weren myyti. As fatnesse is brokun out on the erthe; oure bonys ben scatered niy helle. Lord, Lord,

8 for myn iyen ben to thee, Y hopide in thee; take thou not awei my soule.

9 Kepe thou me fro the snare which thei ordeyneden to me; and fro the sclaundris of hem that worchen wickidnesse. Synneris schulen falle in the nett therof;

10 Y am aloone til Y passe.

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