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Salmos 76

1 The `title of the sixte and seuentithe salm. `To the ouercomere on Yditum, `the salm of Asaph.

2 With my vois Y criede to the Lord; with my vois to God, and he yaf tent to me.

3 In the dai of my tribulacioun Y souyte God with myn hondis; in the nyyt `to fore hym, and Y am not disseyued. Mi soule forsook to be coumfortid;

4 Y was myndeful of God, and Y delitide, and Y was exercisid; and my spirit failide.

5 Myn iyen bifore took wakyngis; Y was disturblid, and Y spak not.

6 I thouyte elde daies; and Y hadde in mynde euerlastinge yeeris.

7 And Y thouyte in the nyyt with myn herte; and Y was exercisid, and Y clensid my spirit.

8 Whether God schal caste awei with outen ende; ether schal he not lei to, that he be more plesid yit?

9 Ethir schal he kitte awei his merci into the ende; fro generacioun in to generacioun?

10 Ethir schal God foryete to do mercy; ethir schal he withholde his mercies in his ire?

11 And Y seide, Now Y bigan; this is the chaunging of the riythond of `the hiye God.

12 I hadde mynde on the werkis of the Lord; for Y schal haue mynde fro the bigynnyng of thi merueilis.

13 And Y schal thenke in alle thi werkis; and Y schal be occupied in thi fyndyngis.

14 God, thi weie was in the hooli; what God is greet as oure God?

15 thou art God, that doist merueilis. Thou madist thi vertu knowun among puplis;

16 thou ayenbouytist in thi arm thi puple, the sones of Jacob and of Joseph.

17 God, watris sien thee, watris sien thee, and dredden; and depthis of watris weren disturblid.

18 The multitude of the soun of watris; cloudis yauen vois.

19 For whi thin arewis passen; the vois of thi thundir was in a wheel. Thi liytnyngis schyneden to the world; the erthe was moued, and tremblid.

20 Thi weie in the see, and thi pathis in many watris; and thi steppis schulen not be knowun.

21 Thou leddist forth thi puple as scheep; in the hond of Moyses and of Aaron.

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