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Salmos 94

1 The foure and nyntithe salm. Come ye, make we ful out ioie to the Lord; hertli synge we to God, oure heelthe.

2 Bifore ocupie we his face in knowleching; and hertli synge we to him in salmes.

3 For God is a greet Lord, and a greet king aboue alle goddis; for the Lord schal not putte awei his puple.

4 For alle the endis of erthe ben in his hond; and the hiynesses of hillis ben hise.

5 For the see is his, and he made it; and hise hondis formeden the drie lond.

6 Come ye, herie we, and falle we doun bifore God, wepe we bifore the Lord that made vs;

7 for he is oure Lord God. And we ben the puple of his lesewe; and the scheep of his hond.

8 If ye han herd his vois to dai; nyle ye make hard youre hertis.

9 As in the terryng to wraththe; bi the dai of temptacioun in desert. Where youre fadris temptiden me; thei preueden and sien my werkis.

10 Fourti yeer I was offendid to this generacioun; and Y seide, Euere thei erren in herte.

11 And these men knewen not my weies; to whiche Y swoor in myn ire, thei schulen not entre in to my reste.

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