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Salmos 88

1 The title of the eiyte and eiytetithe salm. The lernyng of Ethan, Ezraite.

2 I schal synge with outen ende; the mercies of the Lord. In generacioun and in to generacioun; Y schal telle thi treuthe with my mouth.

3 For thou seidist, With outen ende merci schal be bildid in heuenes; thi treuthe schal be maad redi in tho.

4 I disposide a testament to my chosun men; Y swoor to Dauid, my seruaunt,

5 Til in to with outen ende I schal make redi thi seed. And Y schal bilde thi seete; in generacioun, and in to generacioun.

6 Lord, heuenes schulen knouleche thi merueilis; and thi treuthe in the chirche of seyntis.

7 For who in the cloudis schal be maad euene to the Lord; schal be lijk God among the sones of God?

8 God, which is glorified in the counsel of seyntis; is greet, and dreedful ouere alle that ben in his cumpas.

9 Lord God of vertues, who is lijk thee? Lord, thou art miyti, and thi treuthe is in thi cumpas.

10 Thou art Lord of the power of the see; forsothe thou aswagist the stiryng of the wawis therof.

11 Thou madist lowe the proude, as woundid; in the arm of thi vertu thou hast scaterid thin enemyes.

12 Heuenes ben thin, and erthe is thin; thou hast foundid the world, and the fulnesse therof;

13 thou madist of nouyt the north and the see. Thabor and Hermon schulen make ful out ioye in thi name;

14 thin arm with power. Thin hond be maad stidefast, and thi riythond be enhaunsid;

15 riytfulnesse and doom is the makyng redy of thi seete. Merci and treuthe schulen go bifore thi face;

16 blessid is the puple that kan hertli song. Lord, thei schulen go in the liyt of thi cheer;

17 and in thi name thei schulen make ful out ioye al dai; and thei schulen be enhaunsid in thi riytfulnesse.

18 For thou art the glorie of the vertu of hem; and in thi good plesaunce oure horn schal be enhaunsid.

19 For oure takyng vp is of the Lord; and of the hooli of Israel oure kyng.

20 Thanne thou spakist in reuelacioun to thi seyntis, and seidist, Y haue set help in the myyti; and Y haue enhaunsid the chosun man of my puple.

21 I foond Dauid, my seruaunt; Y anoyntide hym with myn hooli oile.

22 For myn hond schal helpe him; and myn arm schal conferme hym.

23 The enemye schal no thing profite in him; and the sone of wickidnesse schal not `ley to, for to anoye him.

24 And Y schal sle hise enemyes fro his face; and Y schal turne in to fliyt hem that haten hym.

25 And my treuthe and mercy schal be with him; and his horn schal be enhaunsid in my name.

26 And Y schal sette his hond in the see; and his riyt hoond in flodis.

27 He schal inwardli clepe me, Thou art my fadir; my God, and the vptaker of myn heelthe.

28 And Y schal sette him the firste gendrid sone; hiyer than the kyngis of erthe.

29 With outen ende Y schal kepe my merci to hym; and my testament feithful to him.

30 And Y schal sette his seed in to the world of world; and his trone as the daies of heuene.

31 Forsothe if hise sones forsaken my lawe; and goen not in my domes.

32 If thei maken vnhooli my riytfulnessis; and kepen not my comaundementis.

33 I schal visite in a yerde the wickidnessis of hem; and in betyngis the synnes of hem.

34 But Y schal not scatere my mercy fro hym; and in my treuthe Y schal not anoye hym.

35 Nethir Y schal make vnhooli my testament; and Y schal not make voide tho thingis that comen forth of my lippis.

36 Onys Y swoor in myn hooli;

37 Y schal not lie to Dauid, his seed schal dwelle with outen ende.

38 And his trone as sunne in my siyt, and as a perfit mone with outen ende; and a feithful witnesse in heuene.

39 But thou hast put awei, and hast dispisid; and hast dilaied thi crist.

40 Thou hast turned awei the testament of thi seruaunt; thou madist vnhooli his seyntuarie in erthe.

41 Thou distriedist alle the heggis therof; thou hast set the stidefastnesse therof drede.

42 Alle men passynge bi the weie rauyschiden him; he is maad schenschipe to hise neiyboris.

43 Thou hast enhaunsid the riythond of men oppressinge him; thou hast gladid alle hise enemyes.

44 Thou hast turned awei the help of his swerd; and thou helpidist not hym in batel.

45 Thou destriedist him fro clensing; and thou hast hurtlid doun his seete in erthe.

46 Thou hast maad lesse the daies of his time; thou hast bisched him with schenschip.

47 Lord, hou longe turnest thou awei in to the ende; schal thin ire brenne out as fier?

48 Bithenke thou what is my substaunce; for whether thou hast ordeyned veynli alle the sones of men?

49 Who is a man, that schal lyue, and schal not se deth; schal delyuere his soule fro the hond of helle?

50 Lord, where ben thin elde mercies; as thou hast swore to Dauid in thi treuthe?

51 Lord, be thou myndeful of the schenschipe of thi seruauntis, of many hethene men; whiche Y helde togidere in my bosum.

52 Whiche thin enemyes, Lord, diden schenschipfuli; for thei dispisiden the chaungyng of thi crist.

53 Blessid be the Lord with outen ende; be it don, be it don.

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