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Jó 17

1 Mi spirit schal be maad feble; my daies schulen be maad schort, and oneli the sepulcre is left to me.

2 Y have not synned, and myn iye dwellith in bittirnessis.

3 Lord, delyuere thou me, and sette thou me bisidis thee; and the hond of ech fiyte ayens me.

4 Thou hast maad the herte of hem fer fro doctryn, `ethir knowyng of treuthe; therfor thei schulen not be enhaunsid.

5 He bihetith prey to felowis, and the iyen of hise sones schulen faile.

6 He hath set as in to a prouerbe of the comyn puple, and his saumple bifor hem.

7 Myn `iye dasewide at indignacioun; and my membris ben dryuun as in to nouyt.

8 Iust men schulen wondre on this thing; and an innocent schal be reisid ayens an ypocrite.

9 And a iust man schal holde his weie, and he schal adde strengthe to clene hondis.

10 Therfor alle `ye be conuertid, and come ye; and Y schal not fynde in you ony wiys man.

11 My daies ben passid; my thouytis ben scaterid, turmentynge myn herte.

12 Tho han turned the nyyt `in to day; and eft aftir derknessis hope liyt.

13 If Y `susteyne, ether suffre pacientli, helle is myn hous; and Y haue arayede my bed in derknessis.

14 Y seide to rot, Thou art my fadur; and to wormes, Ye ben my modir and my sister.

15 Therfor where is now myn abidyng? and who biholdith my pacience?

16 Alle my thingis schulen go doun in to deppeste helle; gessist thou, whether reste schal be to me, nameli there.

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