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Jó 35

1 Therfor Helyu spak eft these thingis, Whethir thi thouyt semeth euene,

2 `ether riytful, to thee, that thou schuldist seie, Y am riytfulere than God?

3 For thou seidist, That, that is good, plesith not thee; ethir what profitith it to thee, if Y do synne?

4 Therfor Y schal answere to thi wordis, and to thi frendis with thee.

5 Se thou, and biholde heuene, and biholde thou the eir, that God is hiyere than thou.

6 If thou synnest `ayens hym, what schalt thou anoye hym? and if thi wickidnessis ben multiplied, what schalt thou do ayens hym?

7 Certis if thou doist iustli, what schalt thou yyue to hym; ether what schal he take of thin hond?

8 Thi wickidnesse schal anoie a man, which is lijk thee; and thi riytfulnesse schal helpe the sone of a man.

9 Thei schulen cry for the multitude of fals chalengeris, and thei schulen weile for the violence of the arm of tirauntis.

10 And Joob seide not, Where is God, that made me, and that yaf songis in the nyyt?

11 Which God techith vs aboue the beestis of erthe, and he schal teche vs aboue the briddis of heuene.

12 There thei schulen crye, and God schal not here, for the pride of yuele men.

13 For God schal not here with out cause, and Almyyti God schal biholde the causis of ech man.

14 Yhe, whanne thou seist, He biholdith not; be thou demed bifor hym, and abide thou hym.

15 For now he bryngith not in his strong veniaunce, nether vengith `greetli felonye.

16 Therfor Joob openith his mouth in veyn, and multiplieth wordis with out kunnyng.

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