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Jó 26

1 Forsothe Joob answeride, and seide, Whos helpere art thou?

2 whether `of the feble, and susteyneste the arm of hym, which is not strong?

3 To whom hast thou youe counsel? In hap to hym that hath not wisdom; and thou hast schewid ful myche prudence.

4 Ether whom woldist thou teche? whether not hym, that made brething?

5 Lo! giauntis weilen vnder watris, and thei that dwellen with hem.

6 Helle is nakid bifor hym, and noon hilyng is to perdicioun.

7 Which God stretchith forth the north on voide thing, and hangith the erthe on nouyt.

8 `Which God byndith watris in her cloudis, that tho breke not out togidere dounward.

9 `Whych God holdith the cheer of his seete, and spredith abrood theron his cloude.

10 He hath cumpassid a terme to watris, til that liyt and derknessis be endid.

11 The pilers of heuene tremblen, and dreden at his wille.

12 In the strengthe of hym the sees weren gaderid togidere sudeynly, and his prudence smoot the proude.

13 His spiryt ournede heuenes, and the crokid serpent was led out bi his hond, ledynge out as a mydwijf ledith out a child.

14 Lo! these thingis ben seid in partie of `hise weyes; and whanne we han herd vnnethis a litil drope of his word, who may se the thundur of his greetnesse?

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