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Gálatas 5

1 Stonde ye therfor, and nyl ye eftsoones be holdun in the yok of seruage.

2 Lo! Y Poul seie to you, that if ye ben circumcidid, Crist schal no thing profite to you.

3 And Y witnesse eftsoones to ech man that circumcidith hym silf, that he is dettour of al the lawe to be don.

4 And ye ben voidid awei fro Crist, and ye that be iustified in the lawe, ye han fallen awei fro grace.

5 For we thoruy the spirit of bileue abiden the hope of riytfulnesse.

6 For in Jhesu Crist nether circumcisioun is ony thing worth, nether prepucie, but the bileue that worchith bi charite.

7 Ye runnen wel; who lettide you that ye obeyede not to treuthe?

8 Consente ye to no man; for this counsel ys not of hym that hath clepid you.

9 A litil souredowy apeirith al the gobet.

10 I trust on you in oure Lord, that ye schulden vndurstonde noon other thing. And who that disturblith you, schal bere dom, who euere he be.

11 And, britheren, if Y preche yit circumcisioun, what suffre Y yit persecucioun? thanne the sclaundre of the crosse is auoidid.

12 Y wolde that thei weren cut awei, that disturblen you.

13 For, britheren, ye ben clepid in to fredom; oneli yyue ye not fredom in to occasioun of fleisch, but bi charite of spirit serue ye togidere.

14 For euery lawe is fulfillid in o word, Thou schalt loue thi neiybore as thi silf.

15 And if ye bite, and ete ech othere, se ye, lest ye be wastid ech fro othere.

16 And Y seie you in Crist, walke ye in spirit, and ye schulen not performe the desiris of the fleisch.

17 For the fleisch coueitith ayens the spirit, and the spirit ayen the fleisch; for these ben aduersaries togidere, that ye don not alle thingis that ye wolen.

18 That if ye be led bi spirit, ye ben not vnder the lawe.

19 And werkis of the fleisch ben opyn, whiche ben fornicacioun, vnclennes, vnchastite, letcherie, seruice of false goddis,

20 witchecraftis, enmytees, striuyngis, indignaciouns, wraththis, chidingis, discenciouns, sectis, enuyes,

21 manslauytris, dronkennessis, vnmesurable etyngis, and thingis lijk to these, whiche Y seie to you, as Y haue told to you `to fore, for thei that doon suche thingis, schulen not haue the kyngdom of God.

22 But the fruyt of the spirit is charite, ioye, pees, pacience, long abidyng,

23 benygnyte, goodnesse, myldenesse, feith, temperaunce, contynence, chastite; ayen suche thingis is no lawe.

24 And they that ben of Crist, han crucified her fleisch with vices and coueytyngis.

25 If we lyuen bi spirit, walke we bi spirit; be we not made coueytouse of veyn glorie, stirynge ech othere to wraththe, or hauynge enuye ech to othere.

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