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Gálatas 2

1 And sith fourtene yeer aftir, eftsones Y wente vp to Jerusalem with Barnabas, and took with me Tite.

2 Y wente vp bi reuelacioun, and spak with hem the euangelie, which Y preche among the hethene; and bi hem silf to these that semeden to be sumwhat, lest Y runne, or hadde runne in veyne.

3 And nother Tite, that hadde be with me, while he was hethene, was compellid to be circumsidid;

4 but for false britheren that weren brouyt ynne, whiche hadden entrid to aspie oure fredom, which we han in Jhesu Crist, to bring vs in to seruage.

5 But we yyue no place to subieccioun, that the treuthe of the gospel schulde dwelle with you.

6 But of these that semeden to be sumwhat; whiche thei weren sum tyme, it perteyneth not to me, for God takith not the persoone of man; for thei that semeden to be sumwhat, yauen me no thing.

7 But ayenward, whanne thei hadden seyn, that the euangelie of prepucie was youun to me, as the euangelie of circumcisioun was youun to Petre;

8 for he that wrouyte to Petre in apostlehed of circumcisioun, wrouyte also to me among the hethene;

9 and whanne thei hadden knowe the grace of God, that was youun to me, James, and Petre, and Joon, whiche weren seyn to be the pileris, thei yauen riythond of felowschip to me and to Barnabas, that we among the hethene, and thei in to circumcisioun;

10 oneli that we hadde mynde of pore men `of Crist, the which thing Y was ful bisi to doon.

11 But whanne Petre was comun to Antioche, Y ayenstood hym in the face, for he was worthi to be vndirnommen.

12 For bifor that ther camen summen fro James, he eete with the hethene men; but whanne thei weren comun, he withdrowy, and departide hym, dredinge hem that weren of circumcisioun.

13 And the othere Jewis assentiden to his feynyng, so that Barnabas was drawun of hem in to that feynyng.

14 But whanne Y sawy, that thei walkiden not riytli to the treuthe of the gospel, Y seide to Petre bifor alle men, If thou, that art a Jew, lyuest hethenlich, and not Jewelich, hou constreynest thou hethene men to bicome Jewis?

15 We Jewis of kynde, and not synful men of the hethene,

16 knowen that a man is not iustified of the werkis of lawe, but bi the feith of Jhesu Crist; and we bileuen in Jhesu Crist, that we ben iustified of the feith of Crist, and not of the werkis of lawe. Wherfor of the werkis of lawe ech fleisch schal not be iustified.

17 And if we sechen to be iustified in Crist, we oure silf ben foundun synful men, whether Crist be mynystre of synne?

18 God forbede. And if Y bylde ayen thingis that Y haue distruyed, Y make my silf a trespassour.

19 For bi the lawe Y am deed to the lawe, and Y am fitchid to the crosse, that Y lyue to God with Crist.

20 And now lyue not Y, but Crist lyueth in me. But that Y lyue now in fleisch, Y lyue in the feith of Goddis sone, that louede me, and yaf hym silf for me.

21 Y caste not awey the grace of God; for if riytwisnesse be thoruy lawe, thanne Crist diede with out cause.

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