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1 Samuel 27

1 And Dauid seide in his herte, Sumtyme Y schal falle in o dai in the hond of Saul; whether it is not betere, that Y fle, and be sauyd in the lond of Filisteis, that Saul dispeire, and cesse to seke me in alle the endis of Israel; therfor fle we hise hondis.

2 And Dauid roos, and yede, he and sixe hundrid men with hym, to Achis, the sone of Maoth, kyng of Geth.

3 And Dauid dwellide with Achis in Geth, he, and hise men, and his hows; Dauid, and hise twei wyues, Achynoem of Jezrael, and Abigail, the wijf of Nabal of Carmele.

4 And it was teld to Saul, that Dauid fledde in to Geth; and he addide no more `that he schulde seke Dauid.

5 Forsothe Dauid seide to Achis, If Y haue founden grace in thin iyen, a place be youun to me in oon of the citees of this cuntrey, that Y dwelle there; for whi dwellith thi seruaunt in the citee of the kyng with thee?

6 Therfor Achis yaf to hym Sichelech in that dai, for which cause Sichelech was maad in to the possessioun of the kyngis of Juda `til in to this dai.

7 Forsothe the noumbre of daies, in whiche Dauid dwellide in the cuntrei of Filisteis, was of foure monethis.

8 And Dauid stiede, and hise men, and token preies of Gethsuri, and of Gethri, and of men of Amalech; for these townes weren enhabitid bi eld tyme in the lond, to men goynge to Sur, `til to the lond of Egipt.

9 And Dauid smoot al the lond of hem, and lefte not man `lyuynge and womman; and he took scheep, and oxun, and assis, and camels, and clothis, and turnede ayen, and cam to Achis.

10 Sotheli Achis seide to hym, `In to whom `hurliden ye to dai? Dauid answeride, Ayens the south of Juda, and ayens the south of Hiramel, and ayens the south of Ceney.

11 Dauid left not quik man and womman, nether brouyte `in to Geth, and se ide, Lest perauenture thei speken ayens vs. Dauid dide these thingis, and this was his doom, in alle daies in whiche he dwellide in the cuntrei of Filisteis.

12 Therfor Achis bileuyde to Dauid, and seide, Forsothe he wrouyte many yuelis ayens his puple Israel, therfor he schal be euerlastynge seruaunt to me.

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