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1 Samuel 22

1 Therfor Dauid yede fro thennus, and fledde in to the denne of Odollam; and whanne hise britheren, and al the hows of his fadir hadden herd this, thei camen doun thidur to hym.

2 And alle men that weren set in angwisch, and oppressid with othere mennus dette, and in bittir soule, camen togidere to hym; and he was maad the prince `of hem, and as foure hundrid men weren with hym.

3 And Dauid yede forth fro thennus in to Masphat, which is of Moab; and he seide to the kyng of Moab, Y preye, dwelle my fadir and my modir with you, til Y wite what thing God schal do to me.

4 And he lefte hem bifor the face of the kyng of Moab; and thei dwelliden at hym in alle daies, `in whiche Dauid was in `the forselet, ether stronghold.

5 And Gad, the profete, seide to Dauid, Nyle thou dwelle in `the forselet; go thou forth, and go in to the lond of Juda. And Dauid yede forth, and cam in to the forest of Areth.

6 And Saul herde, that Dauid apperide, and the men that weren with hym. Forsothe whanne Saul dwellide in Gabaa, and was in the wode which is in Rama, and `helde a spere in the hond, and alle hise seruauntis stoden aboute hym,

7 he seide to hise seruauntis that stoden nyy hym, The sones of Gemyny, here me now; whether the sone of Ysai schal yyue to alle you feeldis and vyneris, and schal make alle you tribunes and centuriouns?

8 For alle ye han swore, ether conspirid, togidere ayens me, and noon is that tellith to me; moost sithen also my sone hath ioyned boond of pees with the sone of Ysai; noon is of you, that sorewith `for my stide, nether that tellith to me, for my sone hath reisid my seruaunt ayens me, settynge tresoun to me `til to dai.

9 Sotheli Doech of Ydumye answeride, that stood nyy, and was the firste among `the seruauntis of Saul, and seide, Y siy `the sone of Ysai in Nobe, at Achymelech, preest, the sone of Achitob;

10 which counseilide the Lord for Dauid, and yaf meetis `to hym, but also he yaf to Dauid the swerd of Goliath Filistei.

11 Therfor the kyng sente to clepe Achymelech, the preest, `the sone of Achitob, and al the hows of his fadir, of preestis that weren in Nobe; whiche alle camen to the kyng.

12 And Saul seide to Achymelech, Here, thou sone of Achitob.

13 Which answeride, Lord, Y am redi. And Saul seide to hym, Whi hast thou conspirid ayens me, thou, and the sone of Ysai, and yauest looues and a swerd to hym, and councelidist the Lord for hym, that he schulde rise ayens me, and he dwellith a tretour `til to dai?

14 And Achymelech answeride to the kyng, and seide, And who among alle thi seruauntis is as Dauid feithful, and the sone in lawe `of the kyng, and goynge at thi comaundement, and gloriouse in thin hows?

15 Whether Y bigan to dai to counsele the Lord for hym? Fer be this fro me; suppose not the kyng ayens his seruaunt `siche a thing in al `the hows of my fadir; for thi seruaunt knew not ony thing, ether litil ethir greet, of this cause.

16 And the kyng seide, Achymelech, thou schalt die bi deeth, thou, and al the hows of thi fadir.

17 And the kyng seide to men able to be sent out, that stoden aboute hym, Turne ye, and sle the preestis of the Lord, for the hond of hem is with Dauid; and thei wisten that he fledde, and thei schewiden not to me. Sotheli the seruauntis of the kyng nolden holde forth her hond in to the preestis of the Lord.

18 And the kyng seide to Doech, Turne thou, and hurle in to the preestis of the Lord. And Doech of Ydumee turnede, and hurlide in to the preestis, and stranglide in that dai foure score and fyue men, clothid with `ephoth of lynnun cloth.

19 Forsothe he smoot Nobe, the citee of preestis, by the scharpnesse of swerd, men and wymmen, litle children and soukynge, and oxe, and asse, and sheep, bi the scharpnesse of swerd.

20 Forsothe o sone of Achymelech, sone of Achitob, ascapide, of which sone the name was Abiathar; and he fledde to Dauid,

21 and telde to hym that Saul hadde slayn the preestis of the Lord.

22 And Dauid seide to Abiathar, Sotheli Y wiste, `that is, Y coniectide, ether dredde, in that dai, that whanne Doech of Ydumee was there, he wolde telle with out doute to Saul; Y am gilti of alle the lyues of thi fadir.

23 Dwelle thou with me, drede thou not; if ony man sekith thi lijf, he schal seke also my lijf, and thou schalt be kept with me.

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