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1 Samuel 29

1 Therfor alle the cumpenyes of Filisteis weren gaderid in Aphec, but also Israel settide tentis aboue the welle that was in Jezrael.

2 And sotheli the princis of Filisteis yeden in cumpenyes of an hundrid, and in thousyndis; forsothe Dauid and hise men weren in the laste cumpenye with Achis.

3 And the princes of Filisteis seiden to Achis, What wolen these Ebreis to hem silf? And Achis seide to the princes of Filisteis, Whether ye knowen not Dauid, that was the seruaunt of Saul, kyng of Israel? and he was with me in many daies, `ether yeeris, and Y foond not in hym ony thing, fro the dai, in which he fledde to me `til to this dai.

4 Sotheli the princes of Filisteis weren wrooth ayens hym, and seiden to hym, The man turne ayen, and sitte in his place, in which thou hast ordened hym, and come he not down with vs in to batel, lest he be maad aduersarie to vs, whanne we han bigunne to fiyte; for hou mai he plese his lord in other maner, no but in oure heedis?

5 Whether this is not Dauid, to whom thei sungen in daunsis, and seiden, Saul smoot in thousyndis, and Dauid smoot in hise ten thousyndis?

6 Therfor Achis clepide Dauid, and seide to hym, The Lord lyueth; for thou art riytful, and good in my siyt, and thi goyng out and `thin entryng is with me in castels, and Y `foond not in thee ony thing of yuel, fro the day in which thou camest to me til to this dai; but thou plesist not the princis.

7 Therfor turne thou ayen, and go in pees, and offende thou not the iyen of princis of Filisteis.

8 And Dauid seide to Achis, Forsothe what `dide Y, and what hast thou founde in me thi seruaunt, fro the dai in which Y was in thi siyt til in to this dai, that Y come not, and fiyte ayens the enemyes of my lord the kyng?

9 Forsothe Achis answeride, and spak to Dauid, Y woot that thou art good, and as the aungel of God in my iyen; but the princes of Filisteis seyden, He schal not stie with vs in to batel.

10 Therfor rise thou eerli, thou, and thi seruauntis that camen with thee; and whanne ye han ryse bi nyyt, and it bigynneth to be cleer, go ye.

11 Therfor Dauid roos bi nyyt, he and hise men, that thei schulden go forth eerli, and turne ayen to the lond of Fylisteis; sotheli Filisteis stieden in to Jezrael.

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