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Hebreus 4

1 Therfor drede we, lest perauenture while the biheest of entryng in to his reste is left, that ony of vs be gessid to be awei.

2 For it is told also to vs, as to hem. And the word that was herd profitide not to hem, not meynd to feith of tho thingis that thei herden.

3 For we that han bileued, schulen entre in to reste, as he seide, As Y swoor in my wraththe, thei schulen not entre in to my reste. And whanne the werkis weren maad perfit at the ordynaunce of the world,

4 he seide thus in a place of the seuenthe dai, And God restide in the seuenthe dai from alle hise werkis.

5 And in this place eftsoone, Thei schulen not entre in to my reste.

6 Therfor for it sueth, that summen schulen entre in to it, and thei to whiche it was teld to bifor, entriden not for her vnbileue.

7 Eftsoone he termyneth sum dai, and seith in Dauith, To dai, aftir so myche tyme of tyme, as it is biforseid, To dai if ye han herd his vois, nyle ye hardne youre hertis.

8 For if Jhesus hadde youun reste to hem, he schulde neuere speke of othere aftir this dai.

9 Therfor the sabat is left to the puple of God.

10 For he that is entrid in to his reste, restide of hise werkis, as also God of hise.

11 Therfor haste we to entre in to that reste, that no man falle in to the same ensaumple of vnbileue. For the word of God is quyk,

12 and spedi in worching, and more able to perse than any tweyne eggid swerd, and stretchith forth to the departynge of the soule and of the spirit, and of the ioynturis and merewis, and demere of thouytis, and of intentis and hertis.

13 And no creature is vnuisible in the siyt of God. For alle thingis ben nakid and opyn to hise iyen, to whom a word to vs.

14 Therfor we that han a greet bischop, that perside heuenes, Jhesu, the sone of God, holde we the knoulechyng of oure hope.

15 For we han not a bischop, that may not haue compassioun on oure infirmytees, but was temptid bi alle thingis bi lycnesse, with oute synne.

16 Therfor go we with trist to the trone of his grace, that we gete merci, and fynde grace in couenable help.

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