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Hebreus 8

1 But a capitle on tho thingis that ben seid. We han siche a bischop, that sat in the riythalf of the seete of greetnesse in heuenes,

2 the mynystre of seyntis, and of the veri tabernacle, that God made, and not man.

3 For ech bischop is ordeyned to offre yiftis and sacrificis; wherfor it is nede, that also this bischop haue sum thing that he schal offre.

4 Therfor if he were on erthe, he were no preest, whanne ther weren that schulden offre yiftis bi the lawe,

5 whiche seruen to the saumpler and schadewe of heueneli thingis. As it was answerid to Moises, whanne he schulde ende the tabernacle, Se, he seide, make thou alle thingis bi the saumpler, that is schewid to thee in the mount.

6 But now he hath getun a betere mynysterie, bi so myche as he is a mediatour of a betere testament, which is confermyd with betere biheestis.

7 For if the ilke firste hadde lackid blame, the place of the secounde schulde not haue be souyt.

8 For he repreuynge hem seith, Lo! daies comen, seith the Lord, and Y schal make perfit a newe testament on the hous of Israel, and on the hous of Juda;

9 not lijk the testament that Y made to her fadris, `in the dai in which Y cauyte her hond, that Y schulde lede hem out of the loond of Egipt; for thei dwelliden not perfitli in my testament, and Y haue dispisid hem, seith the Lord.

10 But this is the testament, which Y schal dispose to the hous of Israel aftir tho daies, seith the Lord, in yyuynge my lawis in to the soulis of hem, and in to the hertis of hem I schal aboue write hem; and Y schal be to hem in to a God, and they schulen be to me in to a puple.

11 And ech man schal not teche his neiyebore, and ech man his brother, seiynge, Knowe thou the Lord; for alle men schulen knowe me, fro the lesse to the more of hem.

12 For Y schal be merciful to the wickidnesse of hem, and now Y schal not bithenke on the synnes of hem.

13 But in seiynge a newe, the formere wexide eeld; and that that is of many daies, and wexith eeld, is nyy the deeth.

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