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Ezequiel 4

1 And thou, sone of man, take to thee a tijl stoon; and thou schalt sette it bifore thee, and thou schalt discriue ther ynne the citee of Jerusalem.

2 And thou schalt ordeyne bisegyng ayenus that Jerusalem; and thou schalt bilde strengthis, and thou schalt bere togidere erthe, and thou shalt yyue oostis of batel ayens it, and thou schalt sette engynes in cumpas.

3 And take thou to thee an irone friynge panne; and thou schalt sette it in to an irone wal bitwixe thee and bitwixe the cite; and thou schalt sette stidfastli thi face to it, and it schal be in to bisegyng, and thou schalt cumpasse it; it is a signe to the hous of Israel.

4 And thou schalt slepe on thi left side, and thou schalt putte the wickidnessis of the hous of Israel on that side, in the noumbre of daies in which thou shalt slepe on that side, and thou schalt take the wickidnesse of hem.

5 Forsothe Y yaf to thee the yeeris of the wickidnesse of hem bi noumbre of daies, thre hundrid and nynti daies; and thou schalt bere the wickidnesse of the hous of Israel.

6 And whanne thou hast fillid these thingis, thou schalt slepe the secounde tyme on thi riytside. And thou schalt take the wickidnesse of the hous of Juda bi fourti daies; Y yaf to thee a dai for a yeer, a dai sotheli for a yeer.

7 And thou schalt turne thi face to the biseging of Jerusalem; and thin arm schal be stretchid forth, and thou schalt profesie ayens it.

8 Lo! Y haue cumpassid thee with boondis, and thou schalt not turne thee fro thi side in `to other side, tille thou fille the daies of thi bisegyng.

9 And take thou to thee wheete, and barli, and beenys, and tillis, and mylie, and vetchis; and thou schalt putte tho in to o vesselle. And thou schalt make to thee looues for the noumbre of daies, bi whiche thou schalt slepe on thi side; bi three hundrid and nynti daies thou schalt ete it.

10 Forsothe thi mete, which thou schalt ete, schal be in weiyte twenti staters in a dai; fro tyme til to tyme thou schalt ete it.

11 And thou schalt drynke watir in mesure, the sixte part of hyn; fro tyme til to tyme thou schalt drynke it.

12 And thou schalt ete it as barli breed bakun vndur the aischis; and with `a toord that goith out of a man thou schalt hile, it bifore the iyen of hem.

13 The Lord seith these thingis, So the sones of Israel schulen ete her breed defoulid among hethene men, to whiche Y schal caste hem out.

14 And Y seide, A! A! A! Lord God, lo! my soule is not defoulid, and fro my yong childhed til to now Y eet not a thing deed bi it silf, and to-rent of beestis; and al vnclene fleisch entride not in to my mouth.

15 And he seide to me, Lo! Y haue youe to thee the dung of oxis for mennus toordis; and thou schalt make thi breed with it.

16 And he seide to me, Sone of man, lo! Y schal al to-breke the staf of breed in Jerusalem, and thei schulen ete her breed in weiyte and in bisynesse, and thei schulen drynke water in mesure and in angwisch;

17 that whanne breed and watir failen, eche man falle doun to his brother, and thei faile in her wickidnessis.

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