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Ezequiel 15

1 And the word of the Lord was maad to me,

2 and he seide, Sone of man, what schal be don to the tre of a vyne, of alle the trees of woodis, that ben among the trees of woodis?

3 Whether tymbre schal be takun therof, that werk be maad? ether shal a stake be maad therof, that ony vessel hange ther onne?

4 Lo! it is youun in to mete; fier wastide euer eithir part therof, and the myddis therof is dryuun in to deed sparcle; whether it schal be profitable to werk?

5 Yhe, whanne it was hool, it was not couenable to werk; hou myche more whanne fier hath deuourid, and hath brent it, no thing of werk schal be maad therof?

6 Therfor the Lord God seith thes thingis, As the tre of a vyne is among the trees of woodis, which Y yaf to fier to deuoure, so Y yaf the dwelleris of Jerusalem,

7 and Y schal sette my face ayens hem. Thei schulen go out of the fier, and fier schal waaste hem; and ye schulen wite, that Y am the Lord, whanne Y schal sette my face ayens hem,

8 and schal yyue the lond with out weie and desolat, for thei weren trespassours, seith the Lord God.

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