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Isaías 46

1 Bel is brokun, Nabo is al to-brokun; her symylacris lijk to wielde beestis and werk beestis ben brokun; youre birthuns

2 with heuy charge `til to werynesse weren rotun, and ben al to-brokun togidere; tho miyten not saue the berere, and the soule of hem schal go in to caitifte.

3 The hous of Jacob, and al the residue of the hous of Israel, here ye me, whiche ben borun of my wombe, whiche ben borun of my wombe.

4 Til to eelde Y my silf, and til to hoor heeris Y schal bere; Y made, and Y schal bere, and Y schal saue.

5 To whom han ye licned me, and maad euene, and han comparisound me, and han maad lijk?

6 Whiche beren togidere gold fro the bagge, and peisen siluer with a balaunce, and hiren a goldsmyth to make a god, and thei fallen doun, and worschipen; thei berynge beren in schuldris,

7 and settynge in his place; and he schal stonde, and schal not be mouyd fro his place; but also whanne thei crien to hym, he schal not here, and he schal not saue hem fro tribulacioun.

8 Haue ye mynde of this, and be ye aschamed; ye trespassouris, go ayen to the herte.

9 Bithenke ye on the formere world, for Y am God, and no God is ouer me, nether is lijk me.

10 And Y telle fro the bigynnyng the laste thing, and fro the bigynnyng tho thingis that ben not maad yit; and Y seie, My councel schal stonde, and al my wille schal be don.

11 And Y clepe a brid fro the eest, and the man of my wille fro a ferr lond; and Y spak, and Y schal brynge that thing; Y haue maad of nouyt, and Y schal make that thing.

12 Ye of hard herte, here me, that ben fer fro riytfulnesse.

13 Y made nyy myn riytfulnesse, it schal not be drawun afer, and myn helthe shal not tarie; Y schal yyue helthe in Sion, and my glorie in Israel.

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