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Isaías 62

1 For Sion Y schal not be stille, and for Jerusalem Y schal not reste, til the iust man therof go out as schynyng, and the sauyour therof be teendid as a laumpe.

2 And hethene men schulen se thi iust man, and alle kyngis schulen se thi noble man; and a newe name, which the mouth of the Lord nemyde, schal be clepid to thee.

3 And thou schalt be a coroun of glorie in the hond of the Lord, and a diademe of the rewme in the hond of thi God.

4 Thou schalt no more be clepid forsakun, and thi lond schal no more be clepid desolat; but thou schalt be clepid My wille in that, and thi lond schal be enhabitid; for it plesid the Lord in thee, and thi lond schal be enhabited.

5 For a yong man schal dwelle with a virgyn, and thi sones schulen dwelle in thee; and the spouse schal haue ioie on the spousesse, and thi God schal haue ioie on thee.

6 Jerusalem, Y haue ordeyned keperis on thi wallis, al dai and al niyt with outen ende thei schulen not be stille. Ye that thenken on the Lord, be not stille,

7 and yyue ye not silence to him, til he stablische, and til he sette Jerusalem `preisyng in erthe.

8 The Lord swoor in his riyt hond and in the arm of his strengthe, Y schal no more yyue thi wheete mete to thin enemyes, and alien sones schulen not drynke thi wyn, in which thou hast trauelid.

9 For thei that schulen gadere it togidere, schulen ete it, and schulen herie the Lord; and thei that beren it togidere, schulen drynke in myn hooli hallis.

10 Passe ye, passe ye bi the yatis; make ye redi weie to the puple, make ye a playn path; and chese ye stoonys, and reise ye a signe to puplis.

11 Lo! the Lord made herd in the laste partis of the erthe. Seie ye to the douytir of Sion, Lo! thi sauyour cometh; lo! his meede is with hym, and his werk is bifore hym.

12 And thei schulen clepe hem the hooli puple, ayenbouyt of the Lord. Forsothe thou schalt be clepid a citee souyt, and not forsakun.

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