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2 Samuel 22

1 Forsothe Dauid spak to the Lord the wordis of this song, in the dai in which the Lord delyuerede hym fro the hond of alle hise enemyes, and fro the hond of Saul.

2 And Dauid seide, The Lord is my stoon, and my strengthe, and my sauyour;

3 my God, my stronge, I schal hope in to hym; my scheeld, and the horn of myn helthe, `my reisere, and my refuyt; my sauyour, thou schalt delyuere me fro wickidnesse.

4 Y schal inwardly clepe the Lord worthi to be preisid; and Y schal be saaf fro myn enemyes.

5 For the sorewis of deeth cumpasside me; the strondis of Belial maden me aferd.

6 The coordis of helle cumpassiden me; the snaris of deeth camen bifor me.

7 In tribulacioun Y schal clepe, `that is, Y clepide thee, Lord, and Y schal crie to my God; and he herd fro his holi temple my vois, and my crye schal come to hise eeris.

8 The erthe was mouyd, and tremblide; the foundementis of hillis weren smytun and schakun togidere, for the Lord was wrooth to hem.

9 Smoke stiede fro hise nosethirlis, and fier of his mouth schal deuoure; colis weren kyndlid of it.

10 And he bowide heuenes, and cam doun; and myist vndur hise feet.

11 And he stiede on cherubyn, and fliy; and he slood on the pennys of wynd.

12 He puttide derknessis hidyng place in his cumpas, and riddlide watris fro the cloudis of heuenes;

13 for briytnesse in his siyt colis of fier weren kyndelid.

14 The Lord schal thundur fro heuene; and hiy God schal yyue his vois.

15 He sente hise arowis, and scateride hem; he sente leitis, and wastide hem.

16 And the schedyngis out of the see apperiden, and the foundementis of the world weren schewid; fro the blamyng of the Lord, fro the brething of the spirit of his strong veniaunce.

17 He sente fro heuene, and took me; and drow me out of manye watris.

18 He delyuerede me fro my myytiest enemy, and fro hem that hatiden me; for thei weren strongere than Y.

19 Thei camen bifore me in the dai of my turmentyng; and the Lord was maad my stidfastnesse.

20 And he ledde me out in to largenesse, and he delyuerede me; for Y pleside hym.

21 The Lord schal yelde to me vp my riytfulnesse; and he schal yelde to me vp, `ethir aftir, the clennesse of myn hondis.

22 For Y kepte the weies of the Lord; and Y dide not wickidli fro my God.

23 For alle hise domes weren in my siyt; and Y dide not awei fro me hise heestis.

24 And Y schal be perfit with hym; and Y schal kepe me fro my wickidnesse.

25 And the Lord schal restore to me vpe my riytfulnesse; and vp the clennesse of myn hondis in the siyt of hise iyen.

26 With the hooli thou schalt be hooli, and with the stronge, `that is, to suffre aduersitees pacientli, thou schalt be perfit;

27 and with a chosun man `to blis thou schalt be chosun, and with a weiward man thou schalt be maad weiward, `that is, in yeldynge iustli peyne to hym vpe his weiwardnesse.

28 And thou schalt make saaf a pore puple; and with thin iyen thou schalt make lowe hem that ben hiye.

29 For thou, Lord, art my lanterne, and thou, Lord, schalt liytne my derknessis.

30 For Y gird, `that is, maad redi to batel, schal renne in thee, `that is, in thi vertu; and in my God Y schal `scippe ouer the wal.

31 `God his weie is `with out wem; the speche of the Lord is examynyd bi fier, `that is, is pure and clene as metal preuyd in the furneys; he is a scheeld of alle men hopynge in hym.

32 For who is God, outakun the Lord; and who is strong, outakun oure God?

33 God, that hath gird me with strengthe, and hath maad pleyn my perfit weie;

34 and he made euene my feet with hertis, and settide me on myn hiye thingis;

35 and he tauyte myn hondis to batel, and made myn armes as a brasun bouwe.

36 Thou hast youe to me the sheeld of thin heelthe; and my myldenesse multipliede me.

37 Thou schalt alarge my steppis vndur me; and myn heelis schulen not faile.

38 Y schal pursue myn enemyes, and Y schal al to-breke hem; and Y schal not turne ayen, til Y waste hem.

39 Y schal waste hem, and Y schal breke, that thei rise not; thei schulen falle vndur my feet.

40 Thou hast gird me with strengthe to batel; thou hast bowid vnder me hem that ayenstoden me.

41 Thou hast youe myn enemyes abac to me, men hatynge me; and Y schal distrie hem.

42 Thei schulen crye, `that is, to ydols ether to mennus help, and noon schal be that schal saue; `thei schulen crie to the Lord, and he schal not here hem.

43 Y schal do awei hem as the dust of erthe; Y schal `powne hem, and Y schal do awei as the clei of stretis.

44 Thou schalt saue me fro ayenseiyngis of my puple; thou schalt kepe me in to the heed of folkis; the puple, whom Y knowe not, schal serue me.

45 Alien sones schulen ayenstonde me; bi heryng of eere thei schulen obeie to me.

46 Alien sones fletiden awei; and thei schulen be drawun togidere in her angwischis.

47 The Lord lyueth, and my God is blessid; and the stronge God of myn helthe schal be enhaunsid.

48 God, that yyuest veniauncis to me; and hast cast doun puplis vndur me.

49 Which ledist me out fro myn enemyes, and reisist me fro men ayenstondinge me; thou schalt deliuere me fro the wickid man.

50 Therfor, Lord, Y schal knowleche to thee in hethene men; and Y schal synge to thi name.

51 And he magnyfieth the helthis of his kyng; and doith mercyes to his crist Dauid, and to his seed til in to withouten ende.

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