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Bíblia NSB

Lamentações 2

1 In his anger Jehovah covered Zion with clouds of darkness. He changed its heavenly splendor into ruins. On the day of his anger he abandoned even his footstool.

2 Without mercy Jehovah destroyed every village in Judah. He tore down the forts that defended the land. He brought disgrace on the kingdom and its rulers.

3 In his burning anger he cut down every horn strengthpower of Israel. He turned his right hand back from before the enemy. He has put a fire in Jacob devouring and destroying all around.

4 He bends his bow for the attack. He takes his place with his hand ready. In his hate he puts to death all those pleasing to the eye in the tent of the daughter of Zion. He poured out his rage just like fire.

5 Jehovah has become like an enemy fighting against her, sending destruction on Israel. He has sent destruction on all her great houses, turning his strong places into waste. He increases the grief and the sorrow of the daughter of Judah.

6 He violently takes away his tent, as from a garden. And he lays waste his meeting-place. Jehovah has taken away the memory of feast and Sabbath in Zion. In the passion of his wrath he is against king and priest.

7 Jehovah rejected his altar and disowned his holy place. He gave up into the hands of the attacker the walls of her great houses. Their voices have been loud in the house of Jehovah as in the day of a holy meeting.

8 It is Jehovah’s purpose to turn the wall of the daughter of Zion into waste. His line has been stretched out. He has not kept back his hand from destruction. He has sent sorrow on tower and wall. They have become feeble together.

9 Her gates have gone down into the earth. He destroyed her locks and bars. Her king and her princes are among the nations where there is no law. Her prophets have had no vision from Jehovah.

10 The elders of the daughter of Zion are seated on the earth and keep silent. They throw dust on their heads. They are clothed in sackcloth. The heads of the virgins of Jerusalem are brought down to the earth.

11 My eyes fail from weeping. I am in torment. My heart is pulled out of me to the ground because my people are destroyed. Because of the young children and babies at the breast who are falling without strength in the open squares of the town.

12 They say to their mothers: »Where is grain and wine?« When they are falling like the wounded in the open squares of the town. Their life is drained out while on their mother’s breast.

13 What example am I to give you? What comparison am I to make for you, O daughter of Jerusalem? What am I to make equal to you, so that I may give you comfort, O virgin daughter of Zion? Your destruction is great like the sea. Who is able to make you well?

14 The visions your prophets have seen for you are false and foolish! They have not made you fully aware of your sin so your fate might be changed. They have seen for you false words, driving you away.

15 All who go by make a noise with their hands at you. They make hisses, shaking their heads at the daughter of Jerusalem. They say: »Is this the town that was the crown of everything beautiful, the joy of all the earth?«

16 All your enemies are opening their mouths wide against you. They hiss and whistle through their teeth and say: »We have made a meal of her. Certainly this is the day we have been looking for. It has come and we see it.«

17 Jehovah accomplished his purpose. He accomplished what he said he would with the orders he gave in the days that are past. He tore down and shows no compassion. He causes your enemies to rejoice. He lifted up the horn power of your adversaries.

18 Let your cry go up to Jehovah: »O wall of the daughter of Zion let your weeping be flowing down like a stream day and night. Give yourself no rest. Do not let your eyes hold back the drops of sorrow.

19 »Rise up! Cry out in the night at the beginning of the night watches. Let your heart be flowing out like water before the face of Jehovah. Lift up your hands to him for the life of your young children who are falling down starving in every street.«

20 Look, O Jehovah! Why are you punishing us like this? Women are eating the bodies of the children they loved! Priests and prophets are killed in the Temple!

21 Both young and old lie dead in the streets. Enemy swords kill young men and women. You slaughtered them without mercy on the day of your anger.

22 You invited my enemies to hold a festival of terror all around me. No one could escape on that day of your anger. They murdered my children, whom I had raised and loved.

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