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Jeremias 48

1 To Moab the Lord of oostis, God of Israel, seith these thingis. Wo on Nabo, for it is destried, and schent; Cariathiarym is takun, the stronge citee is schent, and tremblide.

2 And ful out ioiyng is no more in Moab, thei thouyten yuel ayens Esebon. Come ye, and leese we it fro folk. Therfor thou beynge stille, schalt be stille, and swerd schal sue thee.

3 A vois of cry fro Oronaym, distriynge, and greet sorewe.

4 Moab is defoulid, telle ye cry to litil children therof.

5 For a man wepynge stiede with wepyng bi the stiyng of Luyth, for in the comyng doun of Oronaym enemyes herden the yellyng of sorewe.

6 Fle ye, saue ye youre lyues; and ye schulen be as bromes in desert.

7 For that that thou haddist trist in thi strengthis, and in thi tresouris, also thou schalt be takun. And Chamos schal go in to passyng ouer, the preestis therof and the princes therof togidere.

8 And a robbere schal come to ech citee, and no citee schal be sauyd; and valeis schulen perische, and feeldi places schulen be distried, for the Lord seide.

9 Yyue ye the flour of Moab, for it schal go out flourynge; and the citees therof schulen be forsakun, and vnhabitable.

10 He is cursid, that doith the werk of God gilefuli; and he is cursid, that forbedith his swerd fro blood.

11 Moab was plenteuouse fro his yong wexynge age, and restide in hise drastis, nether was sched out fro vessel in to vessel, and yede not in to passyng ouer; therfor his taaste dwellide in hym, and his odour is not chaungid.

12 Therfor lo! daies comun, seith the Lord, and Y schal sende to it ordeynours, and arayeris of potels; and thei schulen araye it, and thei schulen waste the vessels therof, and hurtle togidere the potels of hem.

13 And Moab schal be schent of Chamos, as the hous of Israel was schent of Bethel, in which it hadde trist.

14 Hou seien ye, We ben stronge, and stalworthe men to fiyte?

15 Moab is distried, and thei han brent the citees therof, and the chosun yonge men therof yeden doun in to sleynge, seith the kyng, the Lord of oostis is his name.

16 The perischyng of Moab is nyy, that it come, and the yuel therof renneth ful swiftli.

17 Alle ye that ben in the cumpas therof, coumforte it; and alle ye that knowen the name therof, seie, Hou is the stronge yerde brokun, the gloriouse staaf?

18 Thou dwellyng of the douytir of Dibon, go doun fro glorie, sitte thou in thirst; for the distriere of Moab schal stie to thee, and he schal destrie thi strengthis.

19 Thou dwellyng of Aroer, stonde in the weie, and biholde; axe thou hym that fleeth, and hym that ascapide; seie thou, What bifelle?

20 Moab is schent, for he is ouercomun; yelle ye, and crye; telle ye in Arnon, that Moab is destried.

21 And doom is comun to the lond of the feeld, on Elon, and on Jesa, and on Mephat, and on Dibon,

22 and on Nabo, and on the hous of Debalthaym,

23 and on Cariathiarym, and on Bethgamul, and on Bethmaon, and on Scarioth,

24 and on Bosra, and on alle the citees of the lond of Moab, that ben fer, and that ben niy.

25 The horn of Moab is kit awei, and the arm therof is al to-brokun, seith the Lord.

26 Fille ye him greetli, for he is reisid ayens the Lord; and he schal hurtle doun the hond of Moab in his spuyng, and he also schal be in to scorn.

27 For whi, Israel, he was in to scorn to thee, as if thou haddist founde hym among theues; therfor for thi wordis whiche thou spakist ayens hym, thou schalt be led prisoner.

28 Ye dwelleris of Moab, forsake citees, and dwelle in the stoon, and be ye as a culuer makynge nest in the hiyeste mouth of an hool.

29 We han herd the pride of Moab; he is ful proud.

30 Y knowe, seith the Lord, the hiynesse therof, and pride in word, and pride in beryng, and the hiynesse of herte, and the boost therof, and that the vertu therof is not niy, ethir lijk it, nethir it enforside to do bi that that it miyte.

31 Therfor Y schal weile on Moab, and Y schal crie to al Moab, to the men of the erthene wal, that weilen.

32 Of the weilyng of Jaser Y schal wepe to thee, thou vyner of Sabama; thi siouns passiden the see, tho camen `til to the see of Jazer; a robbere felle in on thi ripe corn, and on thi vyndage.

33 Ful out ioye and gladnesse is takun awei fro Carmele, and fro the lond of Moab, and Y haue take awei wyn fro pressouris; a stampere of grape schal not synge a customable myri song.

34 Of the cry of Esebon `til to Eleale and Jesa thei yauen her vois, fro Segor `til to Oronaym a cow calf of thre yeer; forsothe the watris of Nemrym schulen be ful yuele.

35 And Y schal take awei fro Moab, seith the Lord, him that offrith in hiy places, and him that makith sacrifice to the goddis therof.

36 Therfor myn herte schal sowne as a pipe of bras to Moab, and myn herte schal yyue sown of pipis to the men of the erthene wal; for it dide more than it myyte, therfor thei perischiden.

37 For whi ech heed schal be ballidnesse, and ech beerd schal be schauun; in alle hondis schal be bindyng togidere, and an heir schal be on ech bak.

38 And al weilyng schal be on alle the roouys of Moab, and in the stretis therof, for Y haue al to-broke Moab as an vnprofitable vessel, seith the Lord.

39 Hou is it ouercomun, and thei yelliden? hou hath Moab cast doun the nol, and is schent? And Moab schal be in to scorn, and in to ensaumple to alle men in his cumpas.

40 The Lord seith these thingis, Lo! as an egle he schal fle out, and he schal stretche forth hise wyngis to Moab.

41 Carioth is takun, and stronge holdis ben takun; and the herte of stronge men of Moab schal be in that dai, as the herte of a womman trauelynge of child.

42 And Moab schal ceesse to be a puple, for it hadde glorie ayens the Lord.

43 Drede, and diche, and snare is on thee, thou dwellere of Moab, seith the Lord.

44 He that fleeth fro the face of drede, schal falle in to a diche; and thei that stien fro the dyche, schulen be takun with a snare. For Y schal brynge on Moab the yeer of the visitacioun of hem, seith the Lord.

45 Men fleynge fro the snare stoden in the schadewe of Esebon, for whi fier yede out of Esebon, and flawme fro the myddis of Seon; and deuouride a part of Moab, and the cop of the sones of noise.

46 Moab, wo to thee; thou puple of Chamos, hast perischid, for whi thi sones and thi douytris ben takun in to caitiftee.

47 And Y schal conuerte the caitiftee of Moab in the laste daies, seith the Lord. Hidur to ben the domes of Moab.

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