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Êxodo 31

1 And the Lord spak to Moyses, `and seide, Lo!

2 Y haue clepid Beseleel bi name, the sone of Hury, sone of Hur, of the lynage of Juda;

3 and Y haue fillid hym with the spirit of God, with wisdom, and vndirstondyng, and kunnyng in al werk,

4 to fynde out what euer thing may be maad suteli, of gold, and siluer, and bras, and marbil,

5 and gemmes, and dyuersite of trees.

6 And Y haue youe to hym a felowe, Ooliab, the sone of Achisameth, of the kynrede of Dan; and Y haue put in `the herte of hem the wisdom of ech lerned man, that thei make alle thingis, whiche Y comaundide to thee;

7 the tabernacle of boond of pees, and the arke of witnessyng, and the propiciatorie, ether table, which is theronne, and alle the vessels of the tabernacle;

8 also the bord, and vessels therof, the clenneste candilstike with hise vessels, and the auteris of encence,

9 and of brent sacrifice, and alle the vessels of hem; the greet `waischyng vessel with his foundement;

10 hooli clothis in seruyce to Aaron prest, and to hise sones, that thei be set in her office in hooli thingis;

11 the oile of anoyntyng, and encence of swete smellynge spiceryes in the seyntuarie; thei schulen make alle thingis whiche Y comaundide to thee.

12 And the Lord spak to Moises, `and seide, Speke thou to the sones of Israel,

13 and thou schalt seie to hem, Se ye that ye kepe my sabat, for it is a signe bytwixe me and you in youre generaciouns; that ye wite, that Y am the Lord, which halewe you.

14 Kepe ye my sabat, for it is hooli to you; he that defoulith it, schal die bi deeth, the soule of hym, that doith werk in the sabat, schal perische fro the myddis of his puple.

15 Sixe daies ye schulen do werk; in the seuenthe dai is sabat, hooli reste to the Lord; ech man that doith werk in this dai schal die.

16 The sones of Israel kepe sabat, and halewe it in her generaciouns;

17 it is a couenaunt euerlastinge bitwixe me and the sones of Israel, and it is `a signe euerlastynge; for in sixe daies God made heuene and erthe, and in the seuenthe day he ceessid of werk.

18 And whanne siche wordis weren fillid, the Lord yaf to Moises, in the hil of Synay, twei stonun tablis of witnessyng, writun with the fyngur of God.

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