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Ester 10

1 Forsothe kyng Assuerus made tributarye ech lond, and alle the ilis of the see;

2 whos strengthe and empire and dignyte and hiynesse, by which he enhaunside Mardochee, ben writun in the bookis of Medeis and of Persis;

3 and how Mardochee of the kyn of Jewis was the secounde fro king Assuerus, and was greet anentis Jewis, and acceptable to the puple of hise britheren, and he souyte goodis to his puple, and spak tho thingis, that perteyneden to the pees of his seed.

4 And Mardochee seide, These thingis ben doon of God.

5 Y haue mynde on the dreem, which `Y siy, signifiynge these same thingis, and no thing of tho was voide.

6 A litil welle, that wexide in to a flood, and was turned in to the liyt and sunne, and turnede ayen in to ful many watris, is Hester, whom the kyng took in to wijf, and wolde that sche were his queen.

7 Sotheli twei dragouns, Y am and Aaman;

8 folkis that camen togidere, ben these, that enforsiden to do a wei the name of Jewis.

9 Sotheli my folk Israel it is, that criede to the Lord; and the Lord made saaf his puple, and delyueride vs fro alle yuels, and dide grete signes and wondris among hethene men;

10 and he comaundide twei lottis to be, oon of Goddis puple, and the tother of alle hethene men.

11 And euer either lot cam in to `determynd dai thanne fro that tyme bifor God and alle folkis.

12 And the Lord hadde mynde on his puple, and hadde merci on his eritage.

13 And these daies schulen be kept in the monethe Adar, in the fourtenthe `and the fiftenthe dai of the same monethe, with al bisynesse and ioie of the puple gaderid in to o cumpenye, in to alle generaciouns of the puple of Israel aftirward.

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