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2 Reis 11

1 Forsothe Athalie, modir of Ocozie, siy hir sone deed, and sche roos, and killide al the seed of the kyng.

2 Sotheli Josaba, douyter of kyng Joram, the sistir of Ocozie, took Joas, sone of Ocozie, and stal him fro the myddis of the sones of the kyng, that weren slayn; and sche took the nursche of hym fro the hows of thre stagis; and sche hidde hym fro the face of Athalie, that he were not slayn.

3 And he was with hir in the hows of the Lord priueli sixe yeer. Forsothe Athalia regnede on the lond sixe yeer.

4 Forsothe in the seuenthe yeer Joiada sente, and took centuriouns, and knyytis, and brouyte to hym in to the temple of the Lord; and couenauntide with hem boond of pees, and he made hem to swere in the temple of the Lord, and schewide to hem the sone of the kyng.

5 And he comaundide to hem, and seide, This is the word, which ye owen to do;

6 the thridde part of you entre in the sabat, and kepe the wakyngis of the `hows of the kyng; sothely the thridde part be at the yate of Seir; and the thridde part be at the yate which is bihynde the dwellyng place of the makeris of scheeldis; and ye schulen kepe the wakyngis of the hows of Messa.

7 Forsothe twei partis of you alle goynge out in the sabat, kepe ye the wakyngis of the hows of the Lord aboute the kyng.

8 And ye schulen cumpasse hym, and ye schulen haue armeris in youre hondis; forsothe if ony man entrith in to the closyng of the temple, be he slayn; and ye schulen be with the kyng goynge in and goynge out.

9 And the centuriouns diden bi alle thingis whiche Joiada, the preest, hadde comaundid to hem; and alle takynge her men that entriden to the sabat, with hem that yeden out fro the sabat, camen to Joiada, the preest.

10 Which yaf to hem speris, and armeris of kyng Dauid, that weren in the hows of the Lord.

11 And alle stoden hauynge armeris in her hond, fro the riyt side of the temple `til to the left side of the auter and of the hows, aboute the kyng.

12 And he brouyte forth the sone of the kyng, and puttide on hym a diademe, and witnessyng; and thei maden hym kyng, and anoyntiden hym; and thei beeten with the hoond, and seiden, The kyng lyue!

13 Forsothe Athalia herde the vois of the puple rennynge, and sche entride to the cumpenyes in to the temple of the Lord,

14 and sche siy the kyng stondynge on the trone bi custom, and syngeris, and cumpenyes nyy hym, and al the puple of the lond beynge glad, and syngynge with trumpis. And sche to-rente hir clothis, and criede, `Swerynge togidere! swerynge togidere! ether tresoun.

15 Forsothe Joiada comaundide to the centuriouns, that weren on the oost, and seide to hem, Lede ye hir out of the closyngis of the temple; and who euer sueth hir, be smytun with swerd. Forsothe the preest seide, Be sche not slayn in the temple of the Lord.

16 And thei puttiden hondis on hir, and hurliden hir bi the weie of the entryng of horsis bisidis the paleis; and sche was slayn there.

17 Therfor Joiada made boond of pees bitwixe the Lord and the kyng, and bitwixe the puple, that it schulde be the puple of the Lord; and bitwixe the kyng and the puple.

18 Al the puple of the lond entride in to the temple of Baal; and thei distrieden the auteris of hym, and al tobraken strongli the ymagis; and thei killiden bifore the auter Mathan, the preest of Baal. And the preest settide kepyngis in the hows of the Lord; and he took centuriouns, and the legiouns of Cerethi and Pherethi, and al the puple of the lond.

19 And thei ledden forth the kyng fro the hows of the Lord; and thei camen bi the weie of the yate of makeris of scheldis in to the paleis; and he sat on the trone of kyngis.

20 And al the puple of the lond was glad, and the citee restide. Forsothe Athalia was slayn bi swerd in the hows of the kyng.

21 And Joas was of seuen yeer, whanne he bigan to regne.

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