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Jonas 2

1 And Ionas prayed vnto ye lord his god out of ye bowels of the fish.

2 And he sayde: in my tribulacion I called vn to the lorde and he answered me: out of the bely of hell I cried ad thou herdest my voyce.

3 For thou hadest cast me downe depe in the middes of the se: and the floud copased me aboute: and all thy waues and rowles of water wet ouer me:

4 and I thought yt I had bene cast awaye out of thy sight. But I will yet agayne loke towarde thy holy temple.

5 The water copased me eue vn to the very soule of me: the depe laye aboute me: ad the wedes were wrappte aboude myne heed.

6 And I wet downe vn to the botome of the hylles and was barred in with erth on euery syde for euer. And yet thou lorde my God broughtest vp my life agayne out of corrupcion.

7 When my soule faynted in me I thought on the lorde: and my prayer came in vn to the euen in to thy holy temple.

8 They yt obserue vayne vanities haue forsake him that was mercifull vn to them.

9 But I wil sacrifice vn to the with the voce of thankesgeuinge and will paye that I have vowed that sauinge cometh of the lorde.

10 And the lorde spake vn to the fish: and it cast out Ionas agayne vppon ye drie lande.

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