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Bíblia NSB

Êxodo 37

1 Bezalel made the ark out of acacia wood forty-five inches long, twenty-seven inches wide, and twenty-seven inches high.

2 He covered it with pure gold inside and out and put a gold molding around it.

3 He cast four gold rings for its four feet, two rings on each side.

4 The carrying poles he made with acacia wood. He covered them with gold.

5 Then he put them through the rings that were on each side of the Ark.

6 He made a lid of pure gold, forty-five inches long and twenty-seven inches wide.

7 He made two cherubim of hammered gold,

8 one for each end of the lid. He made them so that they formed one piece with the lid, one cherub at each end.

9 The cherubim had their wings spread upward. They covered the mercy seat with their wings. The faces of the cherubim were toward the mercy seat and toward each other.

10 He made the table of acacia wood. It was thirty-six inches long and eighteen inches wide and twenty-seven inches high.

11 He covered it with pure gold, and made a gold molding that went all around it.

12 The rim he made for it was a handbreadth all around. He also made gold molding all around it.

13 He cast four gold rings for it and put the rings on the four corners that were on its four feet.

14 The rings were put close to the rim to hold the poles for carrying the table.

15 These poles were made out of acacia wood and were covered with gold.

16 He made plates, dishes, bowls, and pitchers to be used for pouring wine offerings on the table. All of them were made out of pure gold.

17 He made the lamp stand out of pure gold. The lamp stand, its base, and its shaft, as well as the flower cups, buds, and petals were hammered out of one piece of gold.

18 There were three branches on each of its two sides, for a total of six branches.

19 There were three decorative almond blossoms on each branch.

20 And there were four on the lamp stand.

21 A blossom was placed where each pair of branches came out from the lamp stand.

22 The lamp stand, including its branches and decorative flowers, was made from a single piece of hammered pure gold.

23 He made seven its seven lamps including the snuffers and fire trays out of pure gold.

24 The lamp stand and all the utensils were made out of seventy-five pounds of pure gold.

25 He made an altar out of acacia wood for burning incense. It was eighteen inches square and thirty-six inches high. The horns and altar were made out of one piece of wood.

26 All of it was covered with pure gold, the top, the sides, and the horns. He put a gold molding around it.

27 He made two gold rings and put them below the molding on opposite sides to hold the poles for carrying it.

28 Then the poles were made out of acacia wood and covered with gold.

29 A perfumer made the holy oil to be used for anointing and for the pure, sweet incense.

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