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1 Tessalonicenses 5

1 But, britheren, of tymes and momentis ye neden not that Y write to you.

2 For ye silf witen diligentli, that the dai of the Lord schal come, as a theef in the niyt.

3 For whanne thei schulen seie pees is, and sikirnesse, thanne sudeyn deth schal come on hem, as sorewe to a womman that is with child, and thei schulen not scape.

4 But, britheren, ye ben not in derknessis, that the ilke dai as a theef catche you.

5 For alle ye ben the sones of liyt, and sones of dai; we ben not of niyt, nether of derknessis.

6 Therfor slepe we not as othere; but wake we, and be we sobre.

7 For thei that slepen, slepen in the niyt, and thei that ben drunkun, ben drunkun in the niyt.

8 But we that ben of the dai, ben sobre, clothid in the haburioun of feith and of charite, and in the helme of hope of heelthe.

9 For God puttide not vs in to wraththe, but in to the purchasing of heelthe bi oure Lord Jhesu Crist, that was deed for vs;

10 that whether we waken, whether we slepen, we lyue togidere with him.

11 For which thing comforte ye togidere, and edefie ye ech other, as ye doon.

12 And, britheren, we preien you, that ye knowen hem that trauelen among you, and ben souereyns to you in the Lord, and techen you,

13 that ye han hem more aboundantli in charyte; and for the werk of hem, haue ye pees with hem.

14 And, britheren, we preien you, repreue ye vnpesible men. Coumforte ye men of litil herte, resseyue ye sijke men, be ye pacient to alle men.

15 Se ye, that no man yelde yuel for yuel to ony man; but euere more sue ye that that is good, ech to othere and to alle men.

16 Euere more ioye ye; without ceessing preye ye;

17 in alle thingis do ye thankyngis.

18 For this is the wille of God in Crist Jhesu, in alle you.

19 Nyle ye quenche the spirit;

20 nyle ye dispise prophecies.

21 But preue ye alle thingis, and holde ye that thing that is good.

22 Absteyne you fro al yuel spice.

23 And God hym silf of pees make you hooli bi alle thingis, that youre spirit be kept hool, and soule, and bodi, without pleynt, in the comyng of oure Lord Jhesu Crist.

24 God is trewe, that clepide you, which also schal do.

25 Britheren, preye ye for vs.

26 Grete ye wel alle britheren in hooli cos.

27 Y coniure you bi the Lord, that this pistle be red to alle hooli britheren.

28 The grace of oure Lord Jhesu Crist be with you. Amen.

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