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1 Reis 17

1 And Elie `of Thesbi, of the dwelleris of Galaad, seide to Achab, The Lord God of Israel lyueth, in whos siyt Y stonde, deeu and reyn schal not be in these yeeris, no but bi the wordis of my mouth.

2 And the word of the Lord was maad to hym, and seide,

3 Go thou awey fro hennus, and go ayens the eest, and be thou hid in the stronde of Carith, which is ayens Jordan,

4 and there thou schalt drynke of the stronde; and Y comaundide to crowis, that thei feede thee there.

5 Therfor he yede, and dide bi the word of the Lord; and whanne he hadde go, he sat in the stronde of Carith, which is ayens Jordan.

6 And crowis baren to hym breed and fleisch eerli; in lijk maner in the euentid; and he drank of the stronde.

7 Forsothe after summe daies the stronde was dried; for it hadde not reynede on the erthe.

8 Therfor the word of the Lord was maad to hym, and seide,

9 Rise thou, and go in to Serepta of Sydoneis, and thou schalt dwelle there; for Y comaundide to a womman, widewe there, that sche feede thee.

10 He roos, and yede in to Sarepta of Sidoneis; and whanne he hadde come to the yate of the citee, a womman widewe gaderynge stickis apperide to hym; and he clepide hir, and seide to hir, Yyue thou to me a litil of water in a vessel, that Y drynke.

11 And whanne sche yede to bringe, he criede bihynde hir bac, and seide, Y biseche, bringe thou to me also a mussel of breed in thin hond.

12 And sche answeride, Thi Lord God lyueth, for Y haue no breed, no but as myche of mele in a pot, as a fist may take, and a litil of oile in a vessel; lo! Y gadere twei stickis, that Y entre, and make it to me, and to my sone, that we ete and die.

13 And Elie seide to hir, Nyle thou drede, but go, and make as thou seidist; netheles make thou firste to me of that litil mele a litil loof, bakun vndur the aischis, and brynge thou to me; sotheli thou schalt make afterward to thee and to thi sone.

14 Forsothe the Lord God of Israel seith thes thingis, The pot of mele schal not faile, and the vessel of oile schal not be abatid, til to the dai in which the Lord schal yyue reyn on the face of erthe.

15 And sche yede, and dide bi the word of Elie; and he eet, and sche, and hir hows.

16 And fro that dai the pot of mele failide not, and the vessel of oile was not abatid, bi the word of the Lord, which he hadde spoke in the hond of Elie.

17 Forsothe it was doon aftir these wordis, the sone of a womman hosewijf was sijk, and the sijknesse was moost strong, so that breeth dwellide not in hym.

18 Therfor sche seide to Elie, What to me and to thee, thou man of God? Entridist thou to me, that my wickidnessis schulden be remembrid, and that thou schuldist sle my sone?

19 And Elie seide to hir, Yyue thi sone to me. And he took `that sone fro hir bosum, and bar in to the soler, where he dwellide; and he puttide hym on his bed.

20 And he criede to the Lord, and seide, My Lord God, whether thou hast turmentid also the widewe, at whom Y am susteyned in al maner, that thou killidist hir sone?

21 He sprad abrood hym silf, and mat on the child bi thre tymes; and he cryede to the Lord, and seide, My Lord God, Y biseche, the soule of this child turne ayen in to the entrailis of hym.

22 The Lord herde the vois of Elie, and the soule of the child turnede ayen with ynne hym, and he lyuede ayen.

23 And Elie took the child, and puttide hym doun of the soler in to the lower hows, and bitook him to his modir; and he seide to hir, Lo! thi sone lyueth.

24 And the womman seide to Elie, Now in this Y haue knowe, that thou art the man of God, and the word of God is soth in thi mouth.

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